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Here is a list of items you will need. Keep in mind that sometimes buying a boxed baby gift set is cheaper than buying separately.

You will need the following items: Curling ribbon (more economical to buy the big rolls at a party store for around 2.00.

Cardboard cake plate (12 inches)

Fabric (enough to cover cake plate)

Lace (enough to go around cake plate)

Glue gun or Aileens Tacky Glue (buy at wal-mart)


1 piece of scrap tag board/paper stock (paper used for rubber stamping) You only need this if you decide to use a bib. You will need to wrap the bib around some thicker paper to stabilize it. (see pic 6)

The next items are items you can use to decorate your cake. You can use any of these or maybe you have something special to put on your cake.

* 1-pkg size 1 diapers (36 or more) I use luvs. *bottle *soft tipped spoon *onesie *rattle *diaper cover *booties or scratch mittens *newborn cap *bib *infant nail clipper *pacifier.

I start with my cake plate. Get your fabric, cake plate, glue gun/glue, lace ready. Glue your fabric to your cake plate and let cool/dry. Next glue your lace around the outside edge of the plate. (See pic 1)

Next cut a piece of curling ribbon approximately 30 inches long (you will use this to tie your bottom layer of cake together) take your 1st diaper and unfold. Make sure you keep the leg part folded in. Roll from one end to the other and then take another diaper and roll that one around the 1st one. You will continue to do so, until you have added 19 diapers. It my get hard to hold towards the end (especially the 1st time) so ask for somebody to help you. Once you get your 19 diapers rolled together tie your ribbon around the middle and make sure its quite tight.

The next layer of cake used 13 diapers and you will roll it the exact same way as the bottom layer. (Pic #3 shows how your layers should look)

The top layer uses only 4 diapers. Remember that if you are using a rattle in the top to roll the diaper around the handle of the rattle. It may seem small, but you still need to wrap either your onesie, recieving blanket or burp cloth around the top.

Next cut 6 pcs of ribbon (ribbon color of your choice) approximately 22 inches long. Run 4 pieces of ribbon on the bottom layer (see pic 4) and run the other 2 thru the middle layer (one on each side).

Next gather all your goodies you are going to add. (Pic 5 shows how I add my items, but you may choose to add them in different spots. There is no wrong place to put them. The spoon I just slide down into the bottom diaper layer and the nail clipper I just clip onto the diapers. The onesie or pants need to folded in thirds and rolled tight. The cap I fold in half before tying the ends with the 2 pieces or ribbon.
The bib is probably most difficult item to secure. You are going to need a piece of scrap tag board/paper stock. Cut it so the bib wraps around it and the front of the bib shows nicely on the front and so the paper isn't showing on either side. You will fold it around and then take your bib ties and wrap them around and tie them on the back. If you look at (pic 6 on previous page) you will see how you take a piece of curling ribbon and run it around the back of the middle layer of the cake and thru the bib ties and then back around to the back of the cake where you will tie it. If you don't feel like doing all of that, just take the whole bib, stuff the ties into the middle of the cake and then fold the bib under on the bottom. I have done it both ways.

Next step is your top layer. Take your onesie, receiving blanket, burp cloth and fold it so it is the same height as the top cake layer. Wrap it around and use a piece of clear tape to secure it. Next take your travel size baby bath item or you may use a comb/brush set. If you are using a baby bath item, set it on either side of the cake and take a piece of curling ribbon and tie it around tight so the ends meet at the front. If you are using a brush/comb set, tie your ribbon around 1st and then slide your brush/comb down the sides of your middle layer, so they are sticking up along side of the top layer.

Once you have your 3 layers completed, you are going to have to cut some more ribbon pieces. I am going to give you the exact colors I use on each item, so it is easier. I cut my ribbons about 26 inches long. If after you get done curling them and they look to long, just trim them off. Remember the only yellow ribbons you will need to cut is for the top layer of your cake, since the rest is already there. (if you haven't already done so) I do only tie the extra ribbon once. I put them all on and then curl them all at the same time. You may add ribbon to the back if you want. Here is how I add mine:

Top Layer:
*left side-yellow, blue, green
*right side-yellow, blue, green

Middle Layer-
*left side-pink, yellow
*right side-pink, yellow

Bottom Layer-
*cap-pink, yellow
*bottle-yellow, green, blue
*pants-onesie-yellow, blue, green

All you need to do is finish curling your ribbon and set your cake on your cake plate.

If you have any ?s please feel free to click on the link below and email me. I will be happy to help you. When you get done making your cake, send me a pic!! I would love to see it!!